the great Australian


Switching OFF screens. Switching ON life

(for 24 hours..)

Sunday 3rd-4th December 2023

 6am to 6am

Registrations open 2023

can you LAST 24 hours without looking at a screen?

if your answer is no, then you're exactly the person who needs to register.

i know what you're thinking..

'Yeah, switching off for 24 hours sounds like a really great idea, but I personally can't take part because I really need my laptop/phone for work ...or I have to watch an important episode of my favourite program... or I need to post on social media that day'

But do you really need to? In fact if you're coming up with all of those excuses so easily then you are exactly the person who needs to switch off the most.

Did you know that excessive screen time can cause significant harm to your physical and mental health? And it can age you. It can also have a serious negative impact upon the people closest to so many ways. 

  • Think about the person you don't really 'see' because there is a screen blocking your view...
  • Think about what you could be filling your brain with every time you mindlessly scroll..
  • Think about the thousands of conversations that 'might have been'... if a screen was never present..


it's easy to take part in 

the great Australian switch-off

All you have to do is..

1. Decide you are going to take part.

2. Commit and take the pledge to switch off.

 3. On Dec 4th- switch off ALL your screens for 24 hours.

Take the pledge to switch off

You'll be amazed at how you feel! It doesn't matter how old you are or what you do.

No screens, NO excuses, for 24 hours.

Keep Me Updated

Switching off your device could change a life....

Maybe even yours.

Did you know that even just a small break from technology can have significant impact on your mental and physical health, as well as your connection with others?

Who knows what life-changing conversation could take place when you are not pre-occupied with looking at a screen.

Countdown to the Great Australian Switch-Off

You missed out!

Just 24 hours is all it takes.